Transparent Laser Eye Surgery Prices List
When you choose to have your laser eye surgery at Optyco, you will know exactly what to expect.
Every step of the way we are clear including the price. See our Laser Eye Surgery Prices List below. 2 years interest-free credit now available.
Laser Eye Surgery Type
LASEK (tissue saving)
Zyoptix Personalised Wavefront
Treatment Cost
£395 per eye
£1145 per eye
£1395 per eye
+ £250 per eye
Credit Available
£6.04 per month
£14.65 per month
£25.99 per month

Laser Eye Surgery Credit

Credit terms available for 24 months, 36 months and 48 months at 12.9 % representative APR. Interest-free credit is available at 12, months 18 months and 24 months.  Subject to Terms and Conditions. Written details available on request so you can spread your Laser Eye Surgery Costs.  

Laser Vision Clinic takes pride in offering you only the best Laser Eye Surgery Procedures and Laser Eye Surgery Treatments. We also offer the most experienced and knowledgeable surgeons with the most advanced technology available.

We demonstrate this by offering you the Wavefront technology as a standard with all our Laser Eye Surgery Treatments. This is independent of your prescription.  Clinical evidence proves that Wavefront technology used alongside Laser Eye Surgery enhances the visual outcome.

However, most providers offer this option at an additional cost of £595 per eye. We are proud to be the ONLY national provider who offers this innovative technology completely free of charge. What a wonderful free addition to your Laser Eye Surgery Costs!

We also strongly believe that Optyco Laser Vision Clinic can offer you the best available solutions for your eyes at the most competitive prices. We believe our prices are so competitive that we are happy to match any price that you have previously been quoted for your Laser Eye Surgery.  We also make our Laser Eye Surgery Prices clear and concise. This is why our Transparent Prices Laser Eye Surgery Price List is available here to read.

You will always get all the unbiased information you need including a Laser Eye Surgery Prices List. All your questions are answered at our clinic from Laser Eye Surgery Treatments to Laser Eye Surgery Risks. You can then make the best choices for you!

All Prices Include:

  • Free Consultation, including all information on our competitive Laser Eye Surgery Costs
  • Your Laser Surgery Treatment carried out by one of our Certified Consultant Surgeons
  • Our Unique Lifetime Promise of After-care following your Laser Eye Surgery
  • Follow-up Consultation after your Laser Eye Surgery
  • All Eye Drops that you need to use after your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

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